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i was wondering if someone could help me connect my mix rack with a tp link router??? i tried for hours last night with no success. I’m new to all the network stuff so any help would be great. i have a big show next week that i like to demo to potential clients and want everything to be working smooth ……

tp link router
ipad 2 ….

As suggested might just be IP address issues…..on a Mac be certain to only use and connect with either wireless or wired, not both on at the same time…….so if you are trying to connect using wired ethernet, disable airport…… for IP address ……under System preferences/network…..select “Advanced” tab then TCP/IP and set DHCP with manual address……to be compatible with iLive your address should be and up…..a good rule of thumb is to set computers/ipads to and up (mixrack is, surface .2 and touchscreen is .3) For the router, same principles apply, set the router’s address to for ex…….also make sure you do not plug the router to mixrack using the internet output on the router…..just use one of the 4 ethernet ports (not sure if TP link has 4 or 6 ports).

Hope this helps