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Originally posted by Stealth

Hi Ray’s

The section headings are also selectable options. In multiple select, just make sure the “PEQ” section heading is not selected before deleting the chosen ones.

If these libs are stored in the current show, you can you safely attempt this and recall the show if you make a mistake (or back up the PEQ libs to USB and restore via that means).

Hope that helps

Sam A&H

Hi Stealth, thanks for your answer, I did find that out the “long” way……but, as my PEQ list was rather extensive , I could not see the PEQ header still being selected while scrolling down that list, so in that way it behaves differently than selecting folders and contents on a mac or pc..Once you open a folder (ex:PEQ) and select within that folder, the folder itself should not also be selected, only the items inside it should be.

I just got caught off-guard with that one not thinking the “multiple select” tab would also apply to the header……