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Hi Scott

Sorry, just read your post and whilst I can’t help much, this is how I understand it !

Multicast needs an IGMP Querier to work correctly. If both your AP and your switch are capable of Multicast, then they are both capable of acting as a querier.

The role of the querier needs only to be carried out by one node on the network, and the arbitration of this role is defined in the RFC:

RFC 2236…

There is normally only one Querier per physical network. All multicast routers start up as a Querier
on each attached network. If a multicast router hears a Query message from a router with a lower IP
address, it MUST become a Non-Querier on that network.

So basically your AP and Switch will have a chat, and the lowest IP Address gets the job.

If either are incapable, no problems, as long as someone is doing to job, but you may place extra load on switches / hubs that are non multicast aware as they will probably broadcast the traffic to all ports.

Hope this helps