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Audinates Dante is proprietary as well…

You are right. I actually meant that it’s not a proprietary layer 2 protocol but a layer 3 protocol (like Ravenna) and they do offer the possibility to integrate with just any audio-soft via their standard soundcard interfaces, unlike Soundgrid that only integrates with their own software (to my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong).

Update on 21/11: Waves now also have a “SG Driver” which can be used as a standard ASIO driver for Soundgrid. This is no longer a sole advantage for Dante.

I would welcome anything that’s more open standard yet offering the same performance or better :-) I would suppose that AVB will become this standard?


Conclusion so far: unless you own a dedicated set-up with ultralow latency (like soundgrid server) better don’t use outboard plugins as inserts in an IEM channel yet…


Interesting document about latency in live sound monitoring: