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I’m really glad that focusrite joined forces with Audinate,
I simply don’t want any more proprietary protocols and closed standards… at least Dante offers a standard Asio driver so you are free to choose which ever software or plugins or whatever you like to use, not just waves stuff however good it may be. Other than that I really expect Dante to keep up with developments from other companies… maybe they should start talking to Waves to help them created a Waves over Dante server for instance, since we only have one port B :-)

Now if Waves manages to get the round-trip latency under 1ms using standard Ethernet ports, other audio-over-ethernet providers should really be able to do the same by also customizing Linux for this purpose. Things would indeed get interesting with a generic VST-plugin server or so… any developers listening out there? :-)

Audinates Dante is proprietary as well, same as Hypermac and Supermac.
The only audio over ethernet technology covering our needs that I believe is free is Ravenna.
But it’s very new, so only Lawo and Direct Out Technology are using it at this time.

Any news on that are welcome…

R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16