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In 1.81 you can click on the individual library items ……

I think that this has been the case in few versions earlier.
At least from 1.70 when I got my tools.

iLive T-112 + IDR-48

the reason I asked was that when I first tried this in (1.81), the entire parametric EQ library got erased ( after selecting multiple memories) I had to reload it from the usb ……In the editor this is not a problem as there is no multiple selection possible, but, when attempting this on a surface, the file behaves differently than expected……try this:

Select parametric EQ group then “+” to open the group (at this point the parametric EQ group is still selected ) then click on multiple select then add memories , now press delete! since the group name is also selected, the whole thing gets deleted…… minor bug in the surface software!