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Well if they can develop a ExpressCard (notebook) with the same specs it would be great.


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I perfectly see that a dedicated hardware can be faster :-)
no reason to trash Dante however :-) they offer this too:


Latency Network latency as low as 150us.
Round trip latency (including the audio application)
as low as 2.99ms
Onboard hardware

Although I don’t know how they can say something about roundtrip including the audio app, if they don’t know what the audio app will be. However I you build a custom server just to use waves, there are no apparent technical reasons why Dante could not be just as fast as Soundgrid. Soundgrid seems interresting, however don’t know their prices.

655€ for a 32×32 card. proprietary layer 2 protocol…

Soundgrid seems nice however, so I do support you asking for this :-)

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!