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Assuming that you can actually use the “best” setting in DVS…
I hope this works (I’m actually waiting until a I can test this with a dante card in an ILive….)

With a Yamaha or Digico Console and soundgrid server/network it is possible to get in down to 2 to 3ms, including the plugin processing (plugin dependant), and that is useable, even for in-ear monitoring (Love the C4 compressor for this)

I’ve also checked the latency using Ethersound (ASIO Streamer), also the same problem and way more expensive.

The only “acceptable” on paper seems to be MADI with an RME interface on the PC end. But native soundgrid would be way better


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I know about the Dante card,
But the latency on the DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard) makes this a good as useless…

So 5ms roundtrip (4ms DVS + 1ms ASIO driver on the returnpath) is too much??

check this article:

“Round Trip Latency” – should be less than 11 milliseconds for best results.

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!