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I use stereo inputs mostly for the things that I know aren’t going to bite me. Things like fixed (built-in) piano mics, cross-paired mics, ambience mics, playback, synths, and SPDIF feeds.

If I feel there needs to be more caution because of feeds being knocked or going crackly then I’ll happily just leave channels in mono and either gang faders, use a DCA, or just eat up another channel strip than I’d otherwise like.

That said: I agree the extra stereo processing would be nice, especially for width control and channel routing/switching like L>L&R, R>L&R and LR>RL, as found on some Soundcraft K-series desks I encountered early in my gigging time. Gets more complicated still when I think about how an incoming stereo track might want to be presented to LCR busses – but then I guess that’s partly what the new speaker processing plugin was designed for.

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