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5ms is quite a lot of extra latency in smaller venues I would think. In mine that’s the difference between live vocals/speech being clear and turning into mud. Funnily enough a couple of days ago I was experimenting with input delays to play with the Haas effect, among other things. Up to 3ms extra delay was tolerable, and is even desirable if one wishes to make speakers “disappear”. Then from 4ms up we started to hear two discernable sound sources, neither more clearly than the other and it really impacted on overall intelligibility.

If we were able to run the house >30dB higher than the stage (as I’d imagine most bigger “arena” or “theatre” shows would likely be able to do) then we might be able to get away with it. But when you’re more like 6-12dB above stage then even small latencies can make a big difference.

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