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Hi Wouter,

I’m running the TP-link now for a week. I noticed also some strange ( in my opinion ) behaviour using the TP-link. When I power up the system, almost everytime after a short time ( 5 – 10 minutes ) the Wifi connection gets lost. Whenn I then reconnect the connection stay up without any problems ( has been running for more then 24 Hours ).
Also I noticed that when the Ipad goes into sleep, comming back the the metering does not work anymore. It needs then to close the app and open it again, to get everything going again.
Yesterday I received Wifi antenna extension cables, so now I will be able to put the antennas outside of the rack, and leave the router save inside the rack. Hope this gives me some extended range.


btw Where are you located in Belgium ? I live in Brunssum, Netherlands. Maybe I can visit one of your gigs, and have a talk about the ilive :-)

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