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Adam i did get your email !!!! and i thank you for the reply!!! I just bought a tp-link router that everyone praises, with a 8db external antenna…

Everyone praising? :-) So far I had an very good experience with it, and I’m very interested in other people’s experiences with their wifi-routers.

Last friday had some difficulties to connect with a Macbook and lost a connection on the editor. I’ll be investigating this and report back as I want a system that I can rely on 100%.

So I’ll be checking if it could have been caused by me transporting the router in a far less than ideal way (not attached in back of the IDR-rack) or maybe by the wifi-stick that I was using in the PC…

By the way, met Lieven 2 weeks ago and he told me that playing around with the country settings could result in higher wifi output. Apparently in some countries that maximum wifi-strength is restricted due to regulations in that country…

Keep on posting feedback on settings and experiences. :)

UPDATE: tested wifi router again, not a single interruption… wouldn’t mind to see some clear indication on network link throughput within the editor soft in order to quickly discover wifi link problems when they appear, plus faster reconnect :-) Also in the iPad app you can only see that the connection isn’t perfect when the meters freeze…