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Hi All,

Been following this thread and learning as we go. Looking at a different angle I’d like to approach this from if I’m understanding networking better; still not real confident if I’ve got this correct. I’ve found this GS108Tv2 Netgear 8 port switch that I’d like to use on stage with all the rack gear. It’s a managed switch that has IGMP snooping v3 with the latest software. (The website is not exactly up to date in some places and makes it harder to find some info.) I’m thinking of using this with an access point.(AP) BTW TP-Link makes several high data rate AP’s and they even use POE so you could power them from the rack and then locate the AP up higher or wherever you can get good coverage of the venue.(They also have a good selection of high gain antennas that work on their gear.) The GS108Tv2 is also capable of using POE but because it’s in my rack I don’t really need to use it. The switch would serve the AP, the iDR 32, amp rack and DBX 48x processors (Monitors) through a Moxa serial port. Could even run a hard line to FOH for the small desktop if I like.

The one question I can’t answer for sure has to do with IGMP using a Querier in the system somewhere that uses a table to keep tabs on ports etc. for the multicast info and routing or something to that effect. It’s a router or switch that provides the Querier function and being many of us are just using our gear as a LAN we don’t really need a router to connect to an outside network or WAN. The exception would be if you want to tie into the Internet or other network in a venue. If anyone understands the Querier part in this and whether a switch like this should work with multicast as being discussed in this thread I’d welcome the input.

Here’s some other info on netgears site for anyone that’s interested.
Manual The link looks to be v2 but I’m not sure the dowload is???
Data sheet


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