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i’m just going to use the editor, i also ordered an ipad 2 but that doesn’t arrive to May 2nd. couldn’t really afford a surface at the moment. But the ability to mix via laptop and i pad was what i was looking for. Most of my work is in smaller clubs, i was looking for a really small FOH area since most of the those small club have less then ideal mixing positions this was the perfect solution for me. For example I did FOH for a local Hip Hop showcase last night, my FOH position was BEHIND the acts, the promoter didn’t want me to set up on the dance floor (ideal location) because “it was going to get live!!!” Anyways i digress. I was looking for a digital solution that didn’t handcuff me to one mix position and in my opinion this was the best choice. The only problem is that i purchased the idr without trying it. So i’m really excited to hear how it sounds. i usually don’t do that kind of thing but allen and heath have impressed me over the years with consistent analog desks. I already own 2 gl series desk and love them but i have a feeling they are going get kind of dusty along side my FOH rack hahahaha