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The Metering was already turned on default. Also multicast. After disabling and enabling multicast on the Ipad, it suddenly worked…. kind of strange but anyway it works. Thanks for the advice !!
I noticed that the Ipad regulary looses the Wifi Connection ( The laptop with editor is also connected via WiFi ). After putting an restriction in the router for only the MAC – adresses of the MacBook and the Ipad, it seems not happen that often anymore.
Also I noticed that after the Ipad goes in the screensaver, and then comming back to Mixpad, the metering does not work anymore. I’m still able to control the Mixrack, but the metering is gone. After restarting Mixpad the metering just works fine again. Anyone having the same experience ?

I also ordered 3 WiFi antenna extension cables so I can bring the antennas to the outside of the Rack. Hope that will give some more range.


T112 & iDR48
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TP-Link WR1043ND
Dante…. soon hopefully

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