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Anyone else have noisy DCAs? 2 of mine (which I believe were replaced two months ago T80/IDR32 system) are passing what seems almost like pink noise (although only from about 6K to 10K). Muting the channel outputs assigned to them does not change the amount of noise when I mute/unmute the DCAs. It does not have the audible noise level on every scene though as I am using them on the other band/solo artist as well.
The only thing I have not tried yet is starting a new scene from scratch. This is puzzling to me.

Matthew Grunden
Big Daddy Weave

You don’t have band passed noise assigned in the signal generator do you? [;)]

P.S. Where are you hearing the noise? LR, Bus’s, Aux’s, PAFL’ing the DCS’s etc. Might narrow it down. Maybe you could post a show file and some one could see if it’s a repeatable issue. (Provided it was tried with no inputs to the rack and possibly even no surface) That would in theory tell if it was hardware related.


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