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Wouter, I opted for your suggestion, and purchased the TP-Link. I found it through Amazon, and the company that is shipping it is in my state. Should have it tomorrow.
I noticed that the most recent firmware on the manufacturer website does show the IGMP ver 1&2 support, so the first thing I will do, is make sure the firmware is correct and start going through the utility getting Mac addresses inserted, etc.

If anyone goes out to buy a new laptop in the future, don’t make my mistake. I failed to get actual specs on my built in wireless card, and found out later no 5GHZ. Never really occurred to me that I did not have it until I was upgrading another older laptop in the house, and my other family member shows the 5GHZ connection. Its even the same brand laptop as my beast, and I really can’t do anything about it at this point. (Digressing here…still beating myself up.)

Since this TP-Link is only 2.4, it’s a perfect match. I will report my progress.

Thanks for the suggestion Wouter.

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