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Well, after some further testing with my iPad 2, and having my laptop connected- the airport extreme is just not going to cut it. During my testing with the rta displayed on the laptop, I encountered many times the frequency meters would freeze while making simple fader adjustments on the iPad. Many times I would also encounter “system busy” messages while selecting different channels with the processing view of the super strip. I have multicast turned off on the rig, and turning it on will actually slow things down further with the router I am using. Changing the multicast rate on the extreme does nothing, and it can get very time consuming rebooting the router after a simple adjustment, just to learn that the last 6 minutes made no difference.
Closing out of mixpad did clear up editor on the laptop, and vice versa, with just mix pad and no editor, made scrolling through channels with no latency.
I did learn that many older wireless routers supported IGMP. It seems many of the top manufacturers considered IGMP belongs on a switch versus a router. I am no real networking expert, but reading many different articles suggest this to be true.
I am certainly challenged looking at specs of many brands here in the states.
Going to try out the Belkin this weekend.

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