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Running two Surfaces with one MixRack is not currently possible. Although it is on the list for future update it is a complex task requiring major restructure of the iLive architecure. Besides that, there is only one PAFL bus. Ideally each Surface would need its own PAFL system.

Some digital desks can work with two surfaces and one rack. However these are the ones that have their DSP brain built into the surface and the rack is simply remote I/O. iLive has its DSP in the rack with the surface simply a controller. Combining two iLive surfaces with, say, an iDR10 rack (includes I/O) and an iDR0 (DSP only) achieves exactly the same and has the same basic building blocks and overall cost.

Our choice to put the DSP in the rack gives iLive its capability to operate with no surface, but means you do need to add an external DSP rack if you want to work with two surfaces as requested here. But the extra rack can be tiny and low cost, for example the iDR0 or iDR-16.

The closest iLive comes to two surfaces and one rack is using one iLive Surface and a laptop running Editor. The laptop provides the second ‘virtual’ surface, although it does not have its own PAFL system. And, adding more laptops or iPads or even using these in place of the iLive surface can provide a multiple control environment.

I hope that makes it clearer.
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