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Not Possible at the moment. You need two mixracks if you want two surfaces. Minimum would be to add an IDR0. Without the second Mixrack or IDR0 you are limited to using a Laptop or a Mixpad for monitors – you could however add a midi control surface to Editor if you want tactile control of some of the functions (faders/Mutes/PAFL/Pan/Gain/HPF freq are supported)

However: This has been talked about here before and Carey said this in an old post:

The request for two surfaces working with one MixRack is usually for the two engineer FOH/Monitors situation. Two surfaces, one brain. Here you would need independent channel selection. As Andy says this is not supported yet but on the list for future release.
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So – um – it might be possible in the future.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd