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Originally posted by Stealth

Hi dburris

No i’m afraid it is not possible to save Scene safes into an actual scene.

Though saving scene safes into scenes has been suggested as a feature request.
Custom presets are also a good idea.

Thanks for your input.

Sam A&H

No problem. If this is implemented I would suggest that the presets only go from not safe to safe, not the reverse. You could easily unsafe all then apply a new preset.

The problem with the “easy” method mentioned several times is that I may want some channel parameters not safed as I intentionally want my scenes to override those particular features. This currently require additional steps and seem prone to operator errors.

I can see where having the safes part of a scene could be problematic, but the safes preset seems like a decent compromise and I suspect the underlying software infrastructre would already support this if expanded to the safes menu.

I haven’t had my system long but this has already entered my radar for improvements.

Another thing I think would be useful: individual effects have presets, how about a preset capability for the entire effects rack? Currently I plan effects-only scenes for this feature, which may be entirely adequate. My concern here is the extra steps to save only effects into a scene when I am in the midst of a show and the possibility of an error in recalling one of these scenes.

I want to be clear that I purchased the ILive-T in part because if I was architecting a system, the architecture of the ILive is similar to thoughts I’ve had about the design approach for quite some time. That and the fact that I’ve used A&H boards for many years and have several of the models.

I’ll try to offer enhancement ideas as they come up.