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OK…I guess what I am looking for is to “safe” a particular channel (iPod playback, MC mic) while on one scene so that when I recall another/next scene it doesn’t go nuts on me…volume change, cuts out, etc… can I say Yamaha here? Each channel on an M7 LS9 PM5D has a “safety recall” button on the channel that allows the selected channel to perform as I described above across any scene recall as long as its saved in the current scene. Again I did find it on an Input/channel view (IDr input?) but it did not have the button on the channel view for the Surface Inputs (1/4″…RCA slots). Sam are you saying its not possible to SAFE any slot input on the T80 Surface? Does this mean to get a SAFE option for my preshow/postshow music I have to use an input on the Idr?

Matthew Grunden
Big Daddy Weave