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Allen & Heath and Audinate Stage Online Dante Training Sessions

Virtual Soundcard and Controller
Recording with Dante Virtual Soundcard and M-Dante in an iLive system

With the M-Dante option module for iLive digital mixing system about to hit the market, Audinate and Allen & Heath are joining together to stage three major interactive online seminars, which will provide information and technical understanding about the card and the Dante protocol in general.

Aimed at end users, audio consultants, rental houses and installation companies, these webinars will focus on helping those working with Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing systems fitted with the M-Dante card to get the very most from their system. These sessions will start by giving an overview of the iLive series, followed by a detailed discussion on installing, configuring and networking multiple M-Dante modules.

Also covered will be how Dante Virtual Soundcard – included with each M-Dante card purchase – can help with multi-track audio recording, and the correct way of connecting each card in its MixRack host to Dante-enabled devices from other manufacturers.

Hosted by Audinate and Allen & Heath, three sessions are offered, one for Europe, one for the Americas and the other for Asia-Pacific. On hand will be experts from both Allen & Heath and Audinate to answer your questions.


Abstract: Dante option modules make your iLive system Dante enabled, but how do you go about building a Dante network and using it for recording? This webinar starts by giving an overview of the iLive digital mixing system, followed by a detailed discussion on installing, configuring and networking multiple Dante cards. Also covered is how Dante Virtual Soundcard software, included in your M-Dante card purchase, can help with recording. The discussion will include the steps that should be taken to connect the console to other Dante-enabled devices from vendors such as Lab Gruppen, Dolby and others. Finally, there will be a demo to reinforce the process, and a Q&A session.

There will be a demo to reinforce these steps and a Q&A.

Duration: USA, CANADA
March 30, 2011
11:00 am – PST
12:00 pm – MST
1:00 pm – CST
2:00 pm – EST
1 Hour


March 30, 2011
14:00 – GMT (UK)
15:00 – GMT (Europe)

1 hour


March 30, 2011
1400 – Bangkok
1600 – Tokyo
1800 – Sydney

1 Hour


My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!