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This is a solution that we’re actively considering as well, as a replacement both for our PL10s (currently used) and our back-up Aviom-MMO system.


– set-up time
– ability to use iPad as lyric sheet
– cost
– scalability
– greater access to functionality than Aviom / PLAnet


– lack of MixPad suitability for purpose
– lack of tactile surface for musicians for rapid tweaking
– lack of security (musicians can f*ck with everything!)
– precarious WiFi environments at events
– €80 per unit for software if musicians ‘own’ iPad

I am currently using the iPad for this purpose, to evaluate. It’s not really user friendly for this purpose, and although you can set up custom screens, it’s nowhere near as easy to use as the PL or Aviom systems. Remember: musicians are probably already doing something that is technically complex, and will probably use the iPad with one hand. The touchscreen is very touch sensitive (funnily enough) and this adds a layer of complexity that is a distraction. For a musician to adjust a signal feed to their in-ear mix, they need to reference the screen, be sure they’re on the right layer / screen, and carefully click and drag a virtual fader, which will very rapidly boost / cut the signal with ‘x’dB, whereas an Aviom / PL solution is more robust, and it’s harder to f*ck up your own IEM mix (although they do so more with the Aviom more so that the PL 10, because of the ability to limit the range of the rotary fader.)

For me, although I’m not finished yet with testing, until the MixPad has a really easy, larger fader, customisable screen, the answer is no.