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yamahas are stable machines but the mic amps are horrible (i can hear their little quarzes screaming)
and i have seen
venues crashing coz of lousy plugins…..the sc 48 venue
+ iLok USB Smart Key for running the plugs ( dont want no dongle to run my desk)
+ for approx 20000 us
+ 16 analog outs (not enough in our in ear days)
+ 48 in on the console (haha still running round with multicores : i ve been there i ve done that)
+ protools is still not able to burn a cd (????????)
some known isues on the dshow:
Console Briefly Goes into Backup Mode when an iLok or USB Key Drive Is Inserted (Item #73638)
On rare occasions, inserting a USB device such as an iLok or key drive can cause the VENUE system console to briefly switch
into Backup Mode. Audio is not affected and normal operation resumes almost immediately. (almost what??????)

ECx Ethernet Control Software Must Be Re-Installed after Using the System Restore CD ( a restore cd ?????????????)
therefore this system has to be restored once in a while? back in win 98 land??????

You will have to reinstall ECx host software after performing a System Restore or an Update of your VENUE system.

Brief Audio Bleed when Changing VCA Assignments or VCA Mutes with Snapshots
In rare situations the timing of VCA assignment and Mute state snapshot recall may allow for brief audio bleed before the new
VCA assignment or Mute state takes effect.

(brief audio bleed with 110 db on a metal show?? i d call
it a brief ear bleed))


ps: dear forum admin delete this if it is to much bashing….


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced audionate is not delivering coz i am a frank zappa fan)