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I’m sure this is a simple question, I have my laptop connected running the editor and Sonar (via MADI) and would like to switch the MixRack to use the MADI inputs rather than XLR – where is the menu option to do this?


After more toying around, I see you can change the inputs individually in the preamp section to a MADI input, which works fine. However, this can be tedious to do for each track. Is there a shortcut that just switches all inputs to MADI and back?

The virtual soundcheck video implies there is an option that just “switches” the inputs however he is using a surface to do it and doesn’t give details as to where he is on the surface. Can the editor do this? If so where is that menu option?

you need the surface……..in the mixrack/setup/mixer prefs page …..

I’m doing a similar thing with m-MMO and I made 2 scenes that switch only the physical patch and the pre amp/trim levels (essentially from mic to line) all other parameters are untouched….so you only do it once without affecting your



Really? So you can’t do it from the editor? Wow, that kinda sucks.. I am only doing this for 16 tracks but still, seems like such a simple feature to implement..