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Not trying to be a naysayer – just looking at the stuff I’ve seen online which included something from Engadget (I’m pretty sure) which referenced an Apple marketeer in the UK at the iPad 2 launch saying it still has 256mb of RAM – I’d be happy to be proved wrong on the memory issues we’re experiencing on the original iPad improving with v2!
Another suggestion I’ve heard is that the RAM may be boosted significantly at the point where they upgrade the screen to retina display – higher resolution graphics won’t be of any benefit to this app, but obviously the extra grunt they add to run them will be! PS from what I see of the launch details, the faster processor is the only significant hardware change – same storage capacities (interestingly – you’d think they’d be more interested in upgrading storage than making it thinner than a phone!) etc.
As I said in the above post, the capacity has nothing to do with the issues we’re seeing, maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my reply to jgrooms?
I was an early adopter of the app, I happily paid my $120 odd, and I sing the praises of the system and this app to everybody – if the hardware is improving and that will make it better still I’m a happy camper, I just haven’t seen anything to indicate that v2 will address this particular concern.

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