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I had great success recording from the iLive via MADI to a MacBook Pro (2008 vintage I think) running Reaper, straight to the internal 5400RPM HDD. Thinking about it, we were only actually sending it about 6-9Mb/s, which these days should really not that much of a struggle. If all you’re doing is capturing, then I think RAID etc is nice but not essential, nor is esoteric processing/memory/storage hardware.

3.5 hours recording everything straight out of the iLive ADC’s over MADI I think clocked in just under 100Gb – so a 500Gb SATA 2.5″ drive (even if it does run the host OS as well) ought to be plenty. Archiving those recordings and keeping them backed up however… now THAT’s where you need raw speed and massive capacities.

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