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My rep as Full Compass emailed me the promotion. Looks like you need a surface and a mixrack to qualify. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask. FWIW it also apparently needed to be mailed by yesterday. Considering we started ordering ours February 3rd I’m hoping to still qualify. But I can’t send it in until I get the Serial #’s off the gear. Here’s hoping it works.

Ordered a T112/48 Feb 22, 2011. :-)

Thanks for the confirmation Matt! I pretty much deduced it would take a full system to get a deal like that, but if they would sell me one for half price I’d take it. [:D] I’ve seem some more news about the iPad 2 supposedly being announced tomorrow so I guess we’ll find out soon. I’ve got a nephew that works at a big Apple store so maybe he could get me a deal on the original if they mark them down at all.

My “system” arrived yesterday, ordered Feb 15 also through FC, promptly fired it (iDR32) up, connected the wireless router and proceeded to put it through the paces. Worked flawlessly and sounded good listening in the cans. Seemed responsive with my Lenova X61, which just meets the minimum recommended. Bet yours is coming soon, I’m in NE and it doesn’t take long for shipping to here.


EDIT: Whoops…iPad 2 being announced now!