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hey i am a samp user (since the floppy days), nobody has the card yet – but i am getting mine march 11 then i`ll go into into test mode, as far as i know ( i do live recordings with samp and rme for years) it is all about the drive speed, i remember recording
48 track float straight on my laptop wich was a p4 but the drives where good) so 7200 should do.i do have a 64 pro 7 installed on my live recording computer, so if you can wait i`ll post a report…but if you cant wait: win xp sp 3 32bit (as sam is not 64) a “standardmachine” with 7200 drive(s).
if you still have a “good” laptop sitting round (7200 hdd)with a decent lan i would definetely give it a try (one can buy dante licence for a day i believe its 15 usd),instead of running to the store and buy a new one.and not to forget if you still have samp 7.23
sitting somewhere use that, to avoid bringing the dongle.


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced audionate is not delivering coz i am a frank zappa fan)