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The iPad deal was through American Music and Sound of Woodland California who are the A & H Distributers for the US. They are at every show like NAMM and Infocomm representing A&H. They had a flyer at NAMM in January saying if you can show you purchased an iLive system before the end of February that they would give you a free iPad. I personally talked to Michael Palmer the National Sales Manager for US A&H and he said it is true. The problem is their website says nothing about it, even though he said it would be on there.

— Jerry

I don’t suppose an iDR-32, M-MMO-A and an iDR D-OUT are considered a system? [:(]


My rep as Full Compass emailed me the promotion. Looks like you need a surface and a mixrack to qualify. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask. FWIW it also apparently needed to be mailed by yesterday. Considering we started ordering ours February 3rd I’m hoping to still qualify. But I can’t send it in until I get the Serial #’s off the gear. Here’s hoping it works.

Ordered a T112/48 Feb 22, 2011. :-)