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Thank you for the response, I am not a routing genius on this mixer yet. The first option you described is it possible to just perform this on the current config, which would be I.E. Mixrack Ch. 1>Surface channel 1>Processing strip>FOH Mix and just apply what is happening to the FOH to the Aviom send from channel one?

Or are you saying “unassign” channel one from the Avion/A-NET send and get my kick source from something else, like an aux send that would allow the processing to pass?

I have attached a screen shot from my offline mode, is this what you are talking about as far as direct output assignments? This just appears to be a global setting and not a per channel basis. Do you know if that is true or am I looking in the correct place?

The other option you gave me, I don’t know how that would apply. Because, we have the musicians “mix” thier own mix with the Aviom unit. We go use a couple Aux group to route to them for a “drum other” mix and some misc. Mic for public speaking. I am confused at how virtually coping channels would allow me to route them processed.

Sorry, just trying to figure it out.