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Hi Guys,

What I want to know is, we run the Aviom setup VIA the M-MMO card which is great for interface, but does not sound great as we have it setup. I would like to know if we are just missing something in programming, currently it seems we are just sending the dry signal into the ANET network by using a “direct out” in software.

Yesterday, we soloed the kick though the console, and then in the aviom unit. It is such a big difference I feel bad that the musicians have to listen to it that way. It sucks.

It there a way to add in the channel processing to the chain for what is coming out of the M-MMO card into the aviom network?

I would be really interested to hear how some of you to here guys use this setup.

As always thank you for the knowledge in advance.


Jason, there would be several scenarios that come to mind when doing this…..
you could just select a different dir out source from the mixer prefs tab……you could make it post process etc…..

You could “duplicate” the channels……i.e. lets say your band uses the first 32 ch you could remap from ch 33 -64 the same channels that way giving you a totally different musicians’ mix …..

hope this helps