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Just fwiw we just ordered an iLive system from Full Compass Tuesday. They have a system the will let you try and evaluate for yourself. I believe it is a T112/48 system. We would have done that, but our old mixer (a mackie sr40*8) completely quit. We have a peavey mixer hooked up in the mean time. We just needed to get the ball rolling and get a new one as fast as possible. Even going into this kinda “blind” I have no doubt we made a great decision. But as mentioned if you are at all worried ask about the “loaner” system. There is a bit of a waiting list though. When I last asked about it, it would have taken 2-4 weeks before we would have gotten it.

Oh and the iPad deal extends to the iLive systems? My rep, Heather Holy, sent me an email about an iPad deal but it was for the Yamaha consoles. I’ll have to go reread it.

Ordered a T112/48 Feb 22, 2011. :-)