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Jerry – Gotta say…I looked at Yamaha prior and found there was no feature to price comparison to the iLive setup. The supplier I purchased the speaker arrays from was also pushing the Roland line and again…no comparion to the iLive for the $$.
Why do you think you see so many small productions use the Mixrack with only a laptop to mix? Because you don’t really need a control surface IF you understand the total operation capabilites of the iLive.
I am sooo pleased to have all the signal processing,remote capabilities and versatility the Ilive brings.
You were told the “..sound quality noticably degraded””…..really? Signal procssing is only as good as the person applying the processing. No doubt the sound CAN be degraded if the signal chain of the processing is not understood by the operator. I am still learning myself ALL the capablites of the iLive and have not found a situation yet where the features were not there for the signal processing I wanted to do to improve the mix. As a volunteer (and yes some of us volunteers do work as well with signed artist),and responsible for due dilegence in purchasing equipment, I did the comparison of feature to price…..no brainer for iLive:)

iLive T112 – iDR 32
Gl2400 – iTech – SRX
SAC for All !