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Originally posted by mumu

hmm after playing round with the faders i was thinkin about a different approach….just an idea…have a look



allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced audionate is not delivering coz i am a frank zappa fan)

I don’t have an iPad yet so I have no idea how sensitive or jittery they are but that sounds like a nice addition. Or maybe even have a touch above the fader bump it up a bit or below for a bump down. A swipe in the track (not on the fader) would do a slower move down or up. Or even touch and hold for a fade.

Probably depend on how complex the code is and if the iPad has enough power for that.

Also wish I knew when the iPad 2 is coming out. I hate to buy one now only to have them discounted when the new one comes out if that happens.