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i agree with what this topic is all about.
there are a few more things that need tweaking….
ipad: make it a more efficient app if posible and fix the metering/other bugs.
iphone: if we could get metering on this, it would be fantastic!
get a width of Q control on the de-esser,
make the limiters better (they need some more controls…attack/release),
ability to sidechain to a group/bus on the compressor,
and then besides all this its probably time to go back and clean code and algorithms up.
improve the overall sound, stability and operation of the system.
make it more fool proof with regards to network control.

as far as what i think shoudl be the major drawcard of version 2…
proper networked audio!
if A&H came back and said this software upgrade would cost AUD$500 per console or say AUD$1500 for 4 or more units (unit = one surface or idr) to update (for production companies) then i would happily pay that.
we cant keep expecting improvements forever for free!

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