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First, thanks to A & H for a fantastic product, and for listening. I know we all get frustrated because it is such a great product, and we always want “more”–if only it would/could……
I will point out that this product has only been out a short time in reality, and it has already had at least 3 firmware updates that have included improvements/revisions that many of us have asked for. As someone who has been clamoring for additional scene control, as I am a theater person, I understand that is near and dear to me (still anxiously awaiting) but I also understand that it is not to others. However, the most recent firmware update did fix some things and gave us some cool new things. I bet the next one does as well. Therefore thanks again A & H,….but do please keep the updates/improvements coming….we are an impatient bunch of engineers in an ever changing environment.


Jonathan Wade
Suburban Legend Audio