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Thanks Rob, I do appreciate the way in which your in house engineers monitor and contribute to the forum regularly – as it stands the iLive isn’t the ‘everything to everyone’ package everyone dreams of, and neither is any other brand of console. The improvements in each release have been significant (& I just noticed the other day how short a time frame it has been between firmware upgrades!), and while there are frustrations around what improvements happen when (particularly the scene management – this obviously is a big redesign on your side of things to implement), the knowledge that user feedback is a direct and valued influence on development is a key factor in why i went with A&H.
I agree that there has been a great deal of talk on the forum around control options, but as my setup has been vastly improved by this innovation I have to say that cant be a bad thing – attracting more buyers to A&H though these ‘banner’ releases such as MixPad is a means to an end: more users = more revenue = more R&D dollars = better features sooner.

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