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We do listen to all feedback from all customers at shows, forums or through distribution. We note all requests – this is precisely why this forum exists and why several R&D engineers read this forum and contribute answers. We would also love to see all feature requests on iLive implemented – but resources are finite.

We have had requests for pitch shifting, possibly one previous request for the much more advanced auto-tune. Many many requests for ipad/iphone control, scene safes and of course dante.

We had a number of requests for gated-reverb, symphonic chorus, infrabass, parallel compression and dynamic fx level control, we implemented these, as you know.

A particular brand of phaser was implemented on iLive without request, simply since it was developed for another product. It involved harmonic emulation which will prove useful in future algorithm development.

The speaker matrix is research into exploring easier ways to control speakers at FOH. Engineers want to mix LR and worry about LR, LCR 4 or 5 way FOH at the venue depending on stage width – on the night. On traditional mixers this involves tweaking all channel pans and re configuration.
Furthermore sub bass management is another topic often discussed. I appreciate this may not seem as exciting as some FX but is important to move forward in the main mix. It was also development into extended IO capabilities of the fx rack.

Whilst we work on new algorithms and products, its very difficult to tell you whats coming up whilst things are being developed and not possibly proved working. Look at Dante. There have been issues in developing the hardware platform which have been beyond our control, the delay has frustrated some customers. We apologise.

I hope this helps.