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Originally posted by Tuejo

Hi A&H and the rest of us.

Lately all focus has been on ways to control the Ilive. It now runs pretty nice on Linux, OSX, Windows, Iphone, Ipad etc.

I do not get the huge effort you put into making your surfaces obsolete. Tuning a monitor without having to do the walk back and forth is nice but I would rather see you put some effort into making the Ilive sys a mixer sys that´s up to date with the rest out there.

I have yet another tour coming up where I have madi inserted a PC running low latenzy versions of the festures that you do not yet master. That´s 1400 sterling for a sys with SSL MX4 card and 600 more for some Antares and Brainworx plugins.

That’s exactly why I was begging to have Dante implemented. Because that would open the door to external plugins (in a cheaper way…unlike MADI). I think it’s better not to expect A&H to master every aspect of possible gear that we would have had in a side rack in the past but I do expect them to make this mixing platform an open platform that can integrate easily with third party providers. I personally wouldn’t mind using external plugins.

For your information: the results to a poll that I created three weeks ago.

+1111111 for better scene management………

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!