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Originally posted by Biggsounds
Let us know if that works, as I use Splashtop which will give you an audio feed to the iPad – if it will deal with these 2 apps open I’ve got my PFL feed ;)
Not sure if it will work, I tried it with Audiotools open and it didn’t have the memory for it

How would you solve the PAFL thing exactly?

I’m thinking that once we have the Dante card available it should be possible to use a Dante channel for PAFL I’d guess.

That way we could get the PAFL signal directly on the laptop (In that case I think I would use the audio repeater included with VAC, to get the sound from the virtual sound card to a physical output of the PC/iPAd).

I’m indeed not sure if an standard RDP client also propagates the audio output to the remote machine.

UPDATE: this looks promising:
“Audio and video playback redirection is allowed by default when connecting to a computer running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Professional.”

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!