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Is connecting using the Mixpad equally slow as using the editor?

Selfmade came up with the interesting idea of having a laptop connected by wire to the MixRack (so never a lost connection), and use “remote desktop” to connect to that laptop wireless as restoring such a connection is a lot faster. Since the new iOS4.2 is now able of multitasking, I was planning to try a set-up with both Mixpad and iTap RDP client installed. That way you would have the whole editor functionality available on your iPad next to the ease-of-use of Mixpad.
Anyone tried something like this before?

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!

Let us know if that works, as I use Splashtop which will give you an audio feed to the iPad – if it will deal with these 2 apps open I’ve got my PFL feed ;)
Not sure if it will work, I tried it with Audiotools open and it didn’t have the memory for it (it made the switch once and stayed up, but crashed out after that), maybe a 2nd program with a lower overhead might be OK (although I’m going to take a guess that you’d lose connection on one or both of them).

PS the connection is WAY faster than Editor, more comparable to Tweak.

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