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Hi Lou, welcome to the forum! A couple of threads below have covered MixPad setup, but the short version is this: double click the home button to open the ‘background’ apps view at the bottom – hold down any icon til it wobbles then close everything (including mix pad if you’ve got it open). When you start MixPad it has to be the only thing running due to it’s high ram needs (it doesn’t matter if you use a 16gb or a 64gb – I’ve tried both, its ram not storage it runs out of). Otherwise do a shutdown and restart – it achieves the same thing (but is slower than the above method).
With the metering, you need to go into the settings tab, go to the MixPad app settings & switch off, then on again, all the tabs there. Works a treat (you only have to do this once).
I use MixPad & Editor for all my shows (I don’t have a surface) and it works great for me – are you running Editor wirelessly? I always use it wired for shows (even though I have tested it and it works ok wirelessly with a ‘N’ router) – also make sure your IP addressing isn’t causing you hassles (again search the forum for a thread on this, you can also find documentation on A&H’s site). Things to check: IP address clashes; wireless encryption off and running on MAC addressing for your wireless devices; quality router & cables helps; pc is up to the spec listed with A&H.
Good luck with it – there is a goldmine of information on this forum & you will solve all these issues with a little digging!

edit: I just had a look at that router you said you’re using, it isn’t appropriate – you need something with a hub so you’re connecting the mix rack to the same ‘side’ as the laptop & iPad – it looks like that one only has a ‘broadband’ port… I ran into that issue early on too (until I swapped from the broadband port to the router side ports). Check out the discussion about Multicast for A&Hs recommended router – it’s not too dear and should solve most of your issues.
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