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Hi Dave

Where to start …

Firstly its always a good idea to contact Tech Support with these sort of problems. Just because someone on the forum has had a similar issue doesn’t mean they will defiantly share a solution here. Also you may be experiencing a different problem with similar symptoms which needs further investigation.

Secondly let me clarify the router situation. The previous thread I started was specifically regarding Multicast. There are advantages to using Multicast and we recommend it, but multicast can be disabled and you can use what ever router you like. If you want a specific multicast router recommendation, we’ve already made one:


And we’re in the process of testing others.

Thirdly, your issue is probably not router related.

It sounds like a low memory condition causing the app to exit.

On multi tasking iOS, lots of iPads own apps / features can be running in the background, all using memory.

You need to hard power off the iPad, by pressing and holding the power button, then swipe to turn off.

After switching the iPad back on, don’t launch any other apps, just fire up the MixPad application.

If your still getting problems, there are logs we can get from the iPad to tell us what is going wrong, but these need to be attached to a help desk ticket via Tech Support: