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4 We are currently using a MixWizard for our monitor board and while it is great we would like to get rid of it. So what do we need to run monitors on stage? Do we need another surface or would the PL remotes work for us?

I had very good results with (4) PL-10 remotes for a band on a tour I was mixing. You can control 8 channels (or groups) to a mix, that can be configured freely. In my case it was a different setup for every band member, tailored to their control preference.

Regarding the groups: it is possible to route channels to a group and send that group to auxes. This is handy for grouping channels together that don’t need to be controlled seperately for a mix.

I had every channel split, using 30 input channels, 30 monitor split channels and 2 ambience channels.

So for monitor you can use PL-10 remotes or the new mixpad app, when you already have iPads.

Christian Tepfer
Hamburg, Germany