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To add some details:

2) FOH hears solo audio that’s fed to the surface over the CAT5 cable along with the control signals and other local audio input/output on the desk. So you can plug in a CD player etc at FOH, or take recordings/local aux feeds from it. We do this all the time and it works flawlessly and sounds great.

4) You could use PL remotes, but a laptop running the iLive editor over WiFi or even a dedicated CAT5 cable will be just fine. We do this for more advanced setups and it’s worked out just fine.

5) Lose the MixWizard and you’ll make life much easier and cleaner. If you carry separate FOH/Mons engineers, feel free to use two surfaces, or just one surface at FOH and give Mons engineer a laptop as described above.

Our iLive has been a real asset, allowing us to run all processing and FX in the board, as well as limiting/EQ/basic crossovers on matrix outputs to manage the system. Learning our way around the system took about a day from a “design and admin” perspective, with most users just needing assistance for the first soundcheck or two to find their way around.

Enjoy! :)

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