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I will say that I think the comment about comfort zone in having faders and knobs is true, yet will be short lived.

People said the same thing about cell phones, no buttons, forget it. 90 million iPhones later + every other copy cat after, no body seems to mind too much.

Having used it real world, its worth $500 (US) easy. I agree offline for free and an in app purchase. I plan on having an ipad on standby for touring engineers to let them have a go. If nothing else to spread the word its there.

Mix from the crowd, one man line check, hell throw a dante card in there and do one man virtual sound checks including monitor mixes.

iPad + Macbook Pro + iDR32 + Dante = 32 x16 digital mixer, 32 track mobile recording rig, throw it all in an SKB Flyer or something similar and holy crap!

Soooo worth it.

Stephen Tyler
Coordinator of Technical Operations
iLive T-112/iDR-32; T-80/iDR-16; iPhone; iPad