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R72 – AUD$10000? Um, I’ll take the $120 app and an iPad thanks.

I agree… R72 4899€ ? :-)

I’m still convinced that iLive could have a far larger market penetration if they would have an offering that could easily replace the the old venice’s 240 and 320, the ls16’s and ls32’s and some older A&H GL2400’s. For general use, 16 channels is a bit too little, so it would have to be a combination of a controller and IDR32. Those combinations seem to be too expensive to convince buyers beyond the traditional “safe” and sometimes cheaper yamaha choices (or even Roland, bwuerk :-) )… Those who have larger budgets still seem to opt for Digico, Soundcraft and Midas at the moment.

People still like to have some physical faders and knobs to grab, but the lowest price point (for a physical controller) scares a lot of potential customers.

How nice it would be if Belgian theatres and PA companies would adopt A&H Mixracks, technicians are already interested that’s for sure :-))

++++ for MIDI control of the editor !!
(A&H please add Mix select and Channel select to the controllable parameters)
++++ for the iPad controller.

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!