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£59???? for real?

£59? …….. a bit expensive dont you think?

I don’t think it’s to bad Graham – I even predicted it could be $100 or more (It’s $125NZ dollars) . This is because it’s a very small target market (only of use to iLive users) and I imagine a relatively involved bit of software to develop. Also A&H make nothing from Apple iPad sales It’s also a far more portable and flexible controller than any other iLive mixing option out there – I mean look at the price of the Pl controllers or a decent tablet laptop or a surface! I’ll be purchasing – just as soon as I can find a cheap ipad! Once the iPad2 comes out hopefully there should be some cheap iPads around.

The only problem I see (for A&H) is that visiting engineers and potential iLive customers won’t download it to try it out due to it’s price so this will slow the iLive’s market penetration speed.


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